Thursday, February 23, 2017

Argument Hook

I've been wanting to write a argument for years, and today is finally the day that I'll share my opinion about a topic

My topic is I believe that violent toys do make children violent. 

I've decided to come up with some hooks for this topic, please share your opinion on which one is the best one.

An Anecdote- Little Timmy's mom got her son a toy, it was a gun. Oh how Little Timmy loved that gun, but one thing his mom did not know would happen is that Timmy would go insane. Now Timmy, not so little anymore,  is in jail for using a gun without a license. Only if Little Timmy's mom wouldn't have got him a toy gun.

A Rhetorical Question- Do you want your kid to end up like the people in jail?

A Surprising Fact- Did you know that firearms were the second leading causes of death in 2014, and 8 kids were shot everyday during that year. You want to know how. It was from them shooting themselves with there parents guns.

A Quote- “Other girls play with soft toys,” I said, “and you play with knives…” 
― Jess C. ScottPlaymates

“There were guns on the coffee table. Like, a lot of them, broken out on cloths, being cleaned, leaned against a nearby chair, where a large equipment bag waited to receive them. Karrin's favorite little Belgian carbine was there, along with what looked like a couple of space guns. "New toys?" I asked. ― Jim ButcherSkin Game

If you could please send me some feed back on which one I should do, or to make one better than it already is.  Thank You

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argument Topic

My topic that I will be talking about is that violent video games do not make kids violent.

I want to discuss this because a lot of teachers and parents think that kids are only violent because of video games, but that his false.

Most of the time it comes from having violent friends or from some weird and crazy disorder.

I think it would be fun to search information about this topic and learn about what really makes kids violent.

I've change my topic to violent toys makes kids violent.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello World!

My name is Jack and I'm a seventh grader at my middle school.

I'm creating this blog because my teacher told me to make a blogger account to put cool information on it.

I think this experience will be really fun for me and maybe for you.

I hope you enjoy my blog!